FPS Restrictions
AEG, Bolt Action, Etc
No engagement distance with pistols or shotguns that shoot under 300 fps chronoed with .20g bbs
10 ft. engagement distance with AEG and Gas Rifles chronoed at 400 fps with .20g bbs. SEMI ONLY
20 ft engagement distance with LMG chronoed at 400 fps with .20g bbs. 26 RPS max.
50 ft engagement distance with DMR chronoed at 450 fps with .20g bbs. Must be LOCKED in semi. No full auto option on gun.
100 ft engagement distance with Bolt Action Sniper rifles chronoed at 500 fps with .20g bbs.
10 ft engagement distance with HPA rifles chronoed at 1.42J with .32g bbs. SEMI ONLY
20 ft engagement distance with HPA LMG choroned at 1.42J with .32g bbs. 26 RPS max.
50 ft engagement distance with HPA DMR chronoed at 1.78 J with .32g bbs. Must be LOCKED in semi. No full auto option on gun.
Basic Field Rules
Age restriction is 10+ only
Masks: 18+ are required to wear full seal goggles. 17 and under must have their full face covered. You can do this with a full face mask, or you can wear full seal goggles and some type of lower face protection such as a metal mesh lower.
Magazines/shells/clips cannot be in the gun in any safe zone. If you cannot be trusted to follow this rule, please bring $4 for a barrel blocker
Masks must stay ON YOUR FACE at all times on the field. 
Call your hits. Airsoft is based on the honor system, and cheaters are NOT tolerated at the Edge. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned
If a player is suspected of cheating, call for a referee immediately. 
Any form of physical altercation such as fighting or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Any violators will be banned
Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit
Eliminated players are forbidden to communicate with those still playing. If you are caught talking to an alive person while dead, the alive people will also become dead and this will be counted as a death. This includes giving supplies (gas, bbs, etc.) to those that are still playing. Dead men don’t talk!
No blind fire. You must be able to look down the sights of your guns to shoot
No climbing buildings, vehicles, trees, or anything else!
Any hit to any part of the body counts as a kill
Gun hits do not count
Rubber knife hits count as a kill (this includes being hit by an underhand tossed rubber knife)
Friendly fire counts! If hit by a fellow teammate, then this is considered a kill
When two players engage each other in combat (whether at a distance or close quarters), and both players get hit, first person hit is out. If there is an issue, both players are out regardless of who said “HIT” 1st. they must put their hand up and go back to their respawn point. Dead players must have their hand up, gun on shoulder, or red cloth on head
Bang Rule
You cannot shoot players within 10 feet. This does exclude pistols and shotguns chronoed under 300fps
If both players say “bang” at the same time or there’s an issue, both players are dead
In order to execute a “bang kill,” the gun must be pointed at opponent at the time “bang” is said
LAW Rockets shot at the outside of buildings count as a kill for anyone behind the wall. If shot inside the building, anyone inside is considered dead